My Favourite 2 Tri Collies Left

$1,234 each


For sale; Only 2, Beautiful, healthy Farm Collie puppies left, 1 male Rufous and 1 female Briar. (pics These puppies are sired by a classic, Tri Coloured, Male Rough/Scotch Collie, (pic 6) and a Purebred Tri Colour med coat, Border Collie female (pic 4) .
About Farm Collies;
Like all crossbred dogs, Farm Collies, although full Collies, are not a recognized breed, but rather an Old Type of Collie that used to be on farms everywhere, before breeders specialized the hard working Border Collie to work stock and the Scotch/rough Collies, as a lustrous coated, show dog and family pet. Farm Collies are med in size and coat, they are good watchdogs to let you know when something is amiss in the yard, they seldom leave their yards, are large enough to run off coyotes, have some desire to work stock if asked. Collies love people and children, are good with other dogs, if properly socialized early, good with farm stock, poultry and cats, they are properly introduced to, they are the herding breed without the ‘Nip/bite’ other, 'Australian' herding breeds often have.

These dogs are an excellent choice for farms, dog fenced acreages or in homes with large fenced yards or underground ecollar fence, to keep them safely out of others property, and off of roads. They make great suburb family dogs, for active families who like to take the dogs for walks, holidays, to the dog park and participate in Dog Sport, obedience or just teaching a multitude of tricks to. These dogs are an excellent choice for pet therapy dogs, as Collies always wear their hearts on their sleeves.
The puppies will all have med double, silky Collie coats as adults, that allow them to be outdoors, with their people, in all weather. They blow their coats 2X/year but with their easily groomed coats, regular grooming keeps the coat in check for indoors or out.

About the parents; The Mother dog, Tri Again, is a purebred Tri-Border Collie by a reg Tri coloured Male Border Collie. Her Mother is a purebred Black and white Border Collie. Both parent dogs have a med length silky Border Collie fringe coat and come from a working cattle ranch. Tri lives with us, as an inside and out dog, here on our Horse and hay farm. She is a taller Border Collie and is a great watch dog to let us know when something is amiss in the yard. She and our Guardian Dog love to run off coyotes and keep the deer out of the hay. They also love to accompany us on trail rides/drives with the horses. Tri has a faultless temperament around all humans, she LOVES affection. I use Tri as an agility dog, for dog sport, and she excels at this, she was socialized early as a puppy and is really good with other dogs. Tri has a mostly self cleaning, easy to groom, med silky coat. (see photo 4)

Tri Again has been Embark tested for over 200 genetic health issues, including Collie specific ones and her DNA came back 100% clear.

The sire of these puppies is Coby, a Tri Coloured, classic Rough/Scotch collie. Coby lives on an acreage with lots of children and people around him, he barks when someone comes into the yard, but is a very amicable ‘Old Soul’ type dog. There are mini horses, cats, goats, sheep, lambs some poultry, and Coby happily lives in the middle of it all, just hanging out. We really love the sire of these pups, easy going kind, temperament. (see last photo)
The puppies are a pretty uniform litter with the males being a tad larger than the females. They have various coat densities, length and amount of white and tan markings. All pups are friendly and nice to handle. Some are more go getter like the Border Collie, while others are more laid back like the Rough Collie sire, when handled and in general. (Photo 2 is of the remaining pups, L to R, Rufous male, Briar female), photo 3 Rufous and 4 Briar, at 6 weeks

They have been raised indoors to 4 weeks and are now outdoors happy healthy pups. They have been exposed to other dogs lg and small, children and cats. They will have their Veterinarian health check at 8 weeks of age, be vaccinated, dewormed and micro chipped. Puppies have a lifetime ‘Welcome Home’ policy in that they can be brought back here to be rehomed for their lifetimes. I have extensive experience training dogs and also offer lifetime support for any training issues that may crop up or just to share photos of how you and your pup is doing.
The best homes are important to us for the lifetime success of the puppies, so please, tell me a little about yourselves, dog experience, where our pup will live and what you are looking for in a dog companion, when you apply and expect me to ask questions. This helps me guide you to the right pup for your home.
We are asking $1,400/pup.

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