New News System should make this site Better!
Site Specific News
Posted on: May 06/2004 - 5:42 PM by: Site Administrator

We have just implemented a new news system on this site.
  • This allows group users to post images, modify fonts, colors, etc. to their news posts.
    Images are automatically resized to fit into the site and make them user friendly for viewing.
  • A News post that has any kind of picture in it will be designated by this icon This news article contain images by the title.
  • A news post that has been set to stay at the top af a groups area for a set amount of time will be represented by a Locked at Top until May 06/2004 icon. If one was to hold their mouse cursor ovewr the icon they would find out when this status will be removed from that particular posting.

There is many more features that will be added over the next while to hopefully improve everyone's experience on this site.

Have a great day,
Site Administrator