Call for Auditions
Stage North Theatre Society
Posted on: May 31/2004 - 12:34 PM by: Audrey Onciul

It is time for the auditions for the unpcoming season. Are you interested in being on stage? Maybe you would rather work behind the scenes? Well, where ever you would like to put your talents to good use, we need you! There are 3 plays that will be auditioned for on June 20 at 1pm and June 21 at 7pm.

Starting with Rocky Horror Show with a show date of October 2004. Can you sing? This is a musical with lots of help needed backstage. There are numerous parts in this play, both female and male.

In February 2005, Stage North will bring you Crimes of the Heart. We need to fill all the backstage crew for this production as well as 6 parts, 4 women and 2 men.

Our festival entry for the Peace River Zone Theatre Festival is On Golden Pond. There are 2 females roles and 3 males roles including a teenage boy. There will be a preview week in April and then the Festival in May, with a possibility of going to Mainstage 2005 in Naniamo.

So if you are the least bit interested in auditioning please come out. If there is a conflict, don't give up. Give Terry a call at 787-9408. See you there!!!!