About Us
Northern Horse and Mule Harness Association (NHMHA)
Posted on: Feb 10/2015 - 1:12 AM by: Marion Johansen

Northern Horse & Mule Harness Association

We are a "not-for-profit" society. Our Board members , club members and volunteers for committees and activities serve to promote the objectives of our association, enjoying and demonstrating carriage and sleigh driving, and to form the basis for a fun and successful club. The association enjoys driving at social and community events, and often creates opportunities to extend donations we receive with other equine based charitable organizations. Owning a horse or team is not required in order to become a member. Just bring your Enthusiasm!

Our Mandate:

The aim of this Association is to support and promote the equine driving discipline; to further encourage the development and improvement of the “driving horse”; to increase contact and communication with other driving organizations holding similar interests; to display for and to familiarize the general public with driving horses for whatever their intended use and the enjoyment of all concerned.

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