SPCA Christmas Wish List
BC SPCA - North Peace Branch
Posted on: Nov 23/2017 - 8:45 PM by: Wendy Wheat

UPDATE: Thanks SO much to everyone that brought our shelter items from our wish list!

Please check with the shelter to find out what our current needs are. Many of these have been fulfilled.





It's that time of year again! People often ask us what we are in need of, so we've come up with a wish list to pass along. Feel free to share.

SPCA WISH LIST as of Nov. 23rd.
(Feel free to check ahead for most current needs)


*Grit or Animal-friendly salt for sidewalks

*High-quality hose nozzles (used daily, so they wear out)

*A large floor squeegee
*A large laundry hamper (or someone willing to sew up some more bags for the one we have)

*Laundry detergent (ongoing)
*Hand soap
*A very long construction grade hose

*Unscented dryer sheets (ongoing need- not urgent at the moment)
*Kiddie pools for summertime

*Tarps of ALL sizes

*Help with repairs- fences, gates, yards, plumbing, etc.
*Snow removal after big dumps


*White-Out (or any brand of correction tape)

*Copy paper
*Toilet Paper
*Paper towel

*AA batteries

*Heavy duty key locks

*Garbage bags of all sizes

*Duct Tape

*SD memory cards


*Dry cat kibble (We are getting desperately low) Open bags okay, too.
*Lasers/batteries for them

*Wand toys

*Small fuzzy mice and other toys

*Canned cat food
*Small cat beds/pads to fit Hide and Perch boxes.
*Small mats for sleeping on the floor

*Litter pans- large, small, covered or not

*Clumping and non-clumping litter


*Puppy pee pads (URGENT need)

*Healthy Development puppy food (can)

*Puzzle Bowls

*Large/Medium Kongs

*Small plastic horse buckets (Can be purchased from 8 Seconds)


*Bed sheets (the flat sheets are preferred, but we'll use any)

*Sometimes we need towels and blankets (please ask)

*Canadian Tire Money or Gift cards to places we can get supplies
*Direct donations to our shelter (can be done over the phone and in shelter)

*Bottle sorting help

*Check with the shelter to see if there are current needs
*Foster homes- especially for cats and sometimes for puppies

Thanks SO much to all those who donate and volunteer so generously to keep our shelter going. We couldn't do it without the help we get from everyone in our community!