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This dog was found near 82nd St and 97th Ave. Please call th
@ 10:23 AM
Found Dog Call Spca

This dog was found near 82nd St and 97th Ave. Please call the SPCA if you know where the dog belongs or if you are the owner (leave your contact info twice). They will call you to arrange for pick up. Please have your ID with you. 250-785-7722

Summer time often means holidays, and that means pets can be
@ 10:50 AM
Tips For Pet Owners

Summer time often means holidays, and that means pets can be in different circumstances than they are used to. 


If you are going away and taking pets with you, or have to leave your pet in the care of someone at home, please consider the following:


**Your pet MAY run away while you are gone. Keep in contact with your sitter and provide them with the number to the local SPCA. (ours is 785 SPCA or 785-7722)


**If you live out of town or in between locations, provide numbers to ALL the SPCAs or Humane Societies in the area, such as Dawson, Grande Prairie, 100 Mile House, etc. Sometimes people pick up wandering animals and bring them to wherever they are traveling to. 


**Keep a CURRENT and CLEAR picture of your pet with you or with your sitter. Digital cameras are great for this... and enable you to e-mail photos to everyone, if your pet goes missing. Multiple angles are a good idea too. 


**Make sure you have a current city license and tag on your pet. If you don't, at least have your phone number engraved on a tag, or printed with permanent marker on his collar. Include your area code.


**Consider having your pet tattooed or microchipped (and keep your information current). When pets are brought into shelters, they are routinely scanned and checked for both. Sometimes things are very busy, or we don't have current information associated with the pet, so it is up to owners to check with shelters and not wait for us to call.


**If you find or lose a pet, please call the area SPCA immediately to give us information. Put up posters, post on the Internet (fsjnow.com has a lost and found section in the classifieds), and e-mail everyone in your area that can pass the word (and picture) on! Facebook has a number of Lost/Found pet groups, too. 


**At the shelter, we can only hang on to pets for a short time before they become available for adoption, so time is of the essence!  


We hope that you will never have the heartache of losing a pet, but if you do, we hope that a happy reunion comes quickly!

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9311 81 Ave,
Fort St John, BC
V1J 6P6