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Posted: 10/16/2018 @ 12:00 PM

The latest classified ads posted are now back at the bottom of the main classifieds page. Click on the word "Classifieds" from any of the menus and you will go to the main classifieds page.


As we have a ton of new categories in the classifieds in order to help you find your items faster, we will be organizing the existing classifieds into their proper categories over the next while.


There are other things that will be updated over the next while as well, including the map code so you can see maps on pages that are supposed to have them.


There were some issues importing all the classified ad photos. Please check your ads to make sure the images are still there. If they are not, please remove any placeholder images and re-upload any missing images to your ad from your manage ads section of your member area.


If you find any errors, please use the "Contact Us" button found near the bottom of all pages in order to send us a message. Please include the address copied and pasted from your browsers address bar as well as when you were doing and what the error was (unless it was a page of miscellaneous code then just mention that).


Thank you,