King and Queen of Spring Trophy races
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Posted on: May 16/2004 - 8:07 PM by: Pat Ferris

Tessa Bilodeau is cycling's new 'Queen of Spring and Mike Hientzman is the new King of Spring both in a record time on the Montney -Upper Pine 41 km. loop.
Alberta Provincial Champion Tessa Bilodeau's time of 1:12:31 was almost ten minutes faster than last years' record time of 1:21:12 hours, previously held by Tammy Howes. Barb Polehoykie was second with 1:18:57 and Lisa Verbisky 1:20:11 for third and Trisha Gladysz 1:29:08 for 4th spot.
Mike's time of 1:08:26 was 1:44 minutes faster than last years time of 1:10:10 hours held by the five-time winner, Robert Martens. Pat Ferris was second at 1:09:14 and Rod 'The Rocket' Lewis was third at 1:09:25 all past the previous record.
Twenty-one riders came out under ideal conditions, which is unusual for this event as the weather is usually cold. A pack of Mike Hientzman, Pat Ferris, Roger St. Jean and Tim Gladysz pulled away after the Pineview Fairgrounds. Gladysz was dropped at the 19 km mark with Roger and Rod Lewis to follow at the 30 km mark. Rod Lewis managed to catch back up to the lead pair, though, and hung on until the final climb.
Mike Hientzman pushed hard on the last climb to the finish, dropping Rod Lewis at the bottom and the elder Ferris at the top. He came in alone with a splendid 1:08:26 hours. Pat Ferris came in 48 seconds later with Rod Lewis coming third at 1:09:25. Roger St. Jean was 4th at 1:11:16 and Tim Gladysz outsprinted Ed Fornelli for 5th at 1:12:23.
Tessa Bilodeau was 7th overall at 1:12:36, Kevin Sparling 1:12:56, Terry Stone 1:16:00, Gord 'The Hammer' Harris at 1:16:03, Ross Garbutt 1:16:08, Darren Guliov 1:17:17, Ken Nix 1:17:48, Barb Polehoykie 1:18:57, Richard Wood at 1:20:11, Lisa Verbisky 1:20:11, Adam Currie 1:20:14, Jamie Maxwell of Dawson Creek 1:20:14, Trisha Gladysz 1:29:08 and Owen Giebelhaus 1:30:15. Marg Evens did 1:04:23 for 25 km's.
Stephen Ferris and Robert Martens were racing the Alberta Circuit in Canmore, this weekend. Stephen Ferris was 8th place in Saturday's Provincial Time trial Race #1. In Sunday's Canmore Criterium, Robert Martens picked up 5th place in Category 3. Stephen Ferris crashed and could not continue.
Coming up:
-Monday is Duathlon #1 at the Baldonnel School at 7:00 pm. It is a 2 km run, 7.5 km bike and another 2 km run.
-Thursday is a Baldonnel time trial at 7 pm
-Sunday is the Ferris Fast Cycles Team Time trial Trophy race at Cecil Lake at 2:00 pm.
-This weekend is also the Grande Prairie Triathlon.
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